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Sale Fleece Weighted Blanket With Machine Washable Slipcover

Fleece Weighted Blanket With Machine Washable Slipcover



Get a More Restful Sleep 

Do you still feel tired after sleeping? Maybe you spend all night tossing and turning and can only get a few hours of quality shuteye. Chances are, you’ll spend the rest of the day feeling high-strung, anxious, and exhausted. Before you know it, you’re back to long, restless nights again.

Poor-quality sleep can lead to more harm than a tiring, irritable day. It’s also responsible for low productivity, lack of concentration, and a string of diseases.

Break the vicious cycle and finally get a restful sleep with Moonstone Comfort's top-grade weighted blanket with removable cover!

Made with 100% cotton and filled with hypo-allergenic and non-toxic glass beads, this premium weighted blanket is the key ingredient to give you the good night sleep you deserve. The glass beads are secured in polyester pockets so your blanket retains its shape even after prolonged use.

Weighing _ with the pressure evenly distributed to your body, it is designed to alleviate stress, ease anxiety, relieve insomnia, and promote quality sleep through compression therapy. You don’t need to pop pills or endure insomnia when you can have a natural stress reliever through this weighted blanket.

The Moonstone Comfort premium weighted blanket is guaranteed to give you a restful night and improve your well-being, one quality sleep at a time.


  • QUALITY MATERIALS FOR QUALITY SLEEP. Made with 100% cotton and filled with non-toxic, hypoallergenic glass beads so you can get the quality sleep you deserve. Designed with polyester pockets that keep the filler beads from rolling so the blanket retains its shape even after prolonged use.
  • DETACHABLE COVER DESIGN. Made with a removable cover that’s both soft to touch and highly functional. Thanks to its removable cover design, you can still use it during summer. The detachable cover also makes washing and drying your weighted blanket easier.
  • BETTER SLEEP, BETTER WELL-BEING. Fall asleep faster and wake up well-rested.
  • The weighted blanket evenly distributes just the right amount of pressure all over your body to release the sleeping hormone melatonin.
  • HEALTHIER WAY TO RELIEVE STRESS. Through compression therapy, this weighted blanket can alleviate stress, relieve anxiety, combat insomnia, ADHD, and even PTSD.

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